Studio Nude


40×40 inches, oil on canvas. This painting was a precursor to the later garden paintings of our current more formal garden. It was completed while we lived on Egypt Lake,  There all of the palm trees along the lake were surrounded by day lilies of different hues since we had recently moved from upstate New York where day lilies were some of our favorite flowers. My studio there was originally a Florida Room overlooking the water so I always felt surrounded by water and sky and palms swaying in the wind, especially during our frequent summer storms, as well as beautiful punches of color among the masses of beautiful lily foliage. This painting captures that feeling of the tropical summer light in which I sometimes felt like I was painting right in the middle of a lush garden of lilies. And yes, very often when it was not storming, I would take a refreshing dip in our beautiful spring fed Egypt Lake. And our harlequin Great Dane, Henry, would often join me!


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