Rosalind Contemplates the Stars


10 x14 inches, Acrylic on Photo

Wherever I live, I gravitate to the most historic structures or landmarks and work them into my painted and sculpted world. Here is a mélange of collected objects and the two large bronze statues in the foyer of the Tampa Bay Hotel which is now the original part of the University of Tampa. The androgynous Rosalind, from Shakepeare’s “As You Like It,” the elaborate carpentry of the verandah, the huge wood and beveled glass doors, and the neo Turkish minarets, and objects from the studio become a “still life”  photographed in the Lindsay Mickler light room she built in the Tampa studio. After printing it in black and white, I added paint, which puddled on top of the gloss varnish, creating “constellations.” I also added white paint to highlight the real and photographic elements.

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