Marie Saved from a Dark Voyage


16×11 inches, acrylic on black and white photo

While Marie was up at West Bay Farm, I decided one night to take the little black metal ship from the mantel and set that on top of an antique barrel in front of the c.1790 clock. When I brought her home from our friend’s antique shop in Cherryfield, she became quite a presence. I wondered what had happened to her after she modeled for Degas at age 14. And somehow the epoxy angel I had found in the Goodwill store in Ellsworth seemed to fit in on top of the barrel as Marie’s guardian angel shielding her from harm. Being so close to the ocean on the Schoodic peninsula brings these thoughts to me somehow. And as I look out from Schoodic Point I know that past the Cranberry Isles France is not so far away after all…geographically and historically!



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