Iroquois Landscape


48×48 inches, acrylic and metallic leaf on canvas

As I became acquainted through my mother’s stories of my Iroquois ancestor who was married to a family member from Scotland who served in the American Revolution, I studied my grandfather’s collection of arrowheads and stone implements handed down to me when a child. For some reason, whenever I am in an area where Native Americans have lived, I have a sense of their presence. This is based on the area near Aurora, New York, where the Cayuga tribe had peach orchards which were burned by General Sullivan in the late 18th century. There is a stream which flows through the slate stone creek called “Great Gully,” where there is a large ledge of waterfalls. On either side, above the gully, are fields where cows roam. It is a peaceful place, yet with a palpable presence of the past.



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