The Garden, the Gulf, and the Emerald Forest


48″ X 48″, acrylic on canvas

Just before the intense summer heat, we all went to the beach to enjoy the white sand and the bottle green water. By all, I mean Jill  and I, the two boys, and the two great Danes. I didn’t have much time to contemplate or meditate, but at home I became very conscious of blue and green, which led to this painting. I wake up so many mornings and say to myself: “I live in an emerald forest.” And I do. It is so beautiful that sometimes it’s overwhelming—just the sheer beauty of the quiet garden, the palms, the crepe myrtle, and the oaks. And since the garden is laid out with stone paths forming a pentagon in the center, and curved, maze-like paths, this translated into this painting in a geometric rectangular composition. It does have a Native American quality about it, too.

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