When the Weaver Played the Flute


48″ X 48″, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

“The second “Blue Emerald” painting (“Blue Emerald in the Jazz of an Oyster”), and one from 2005 called “The Sea is a Harp of Many Voices” are composed in horizontal registers, which can be very pleasing. It makes a square painting somewhat horizontal. This began to resemble an ancient textile in color and technique, even to the animal forms “inscribed” in the middle row of gold leaf. “When I was painting it I kept thinking “flute”. I have no idea why, although it is perhaps my favorite instrument to listen to—it intoxicates my musical senses. And when I finished it, I thought of a large red Peruvian textile in the Cleveland Museum. A few days after I finished it, a friend who is working on her graduate degree at Case Western University visited the studio. I said something about Peruvian textile, and she exclaimed, “Yes; we just had a lecture on that particular textile.” My sister studied flute with a member of the Cleveland Orchestra, and I will never forget her playing in our amphitheatre of pines at the farm in Maine. Interesting how everything I love and appreciate deeply shows up in my work! How would a rug weaver play a flute?”

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