The Artist’s Garden in June


30″ X 40″ acrylic on canvas

“The garden that the house seems built around often takes my breath away. The reason I don’t paint it more is that I’m always trimming, fertilizing, watering, and weeding; and it changes so dramatically according to season and light that it literally has “a thousand faces.” Plus, it exists in what I call an emerald forest. The statues are hand carved limestone antiques from Europe, and the whole thing is so perfect there would be no reason to attempt to duplicate it. However, a friend wanted me to create a garden painting that he could take sections of, blow them up, and create a “suite” for hotel suites. I actually had this hanging for a time in our “garden room,” a patio we glassed in so that we can actually live in the garden. You could look out at the garden, turn around, and where a mirror used to be, see the garden again in the painting. While it is very different from the context of the other work I was doing at the time, it has wonderful movement with the interrelated curves of the paths, the trees, and the brick arches (which, by the way, are my trompe l’oeil efforts to magically “estheticize” a concrete block wall).”



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