Gulf Quartet (at the Florida Aquarium)


36″ X 48″ acrylic, gold and variegated metallic leaf on canvas

Whoever saw a starfish playing an organ, or seahorses playing a cello and harp—or even thinking about it? Or fish as concert goers? While it is fanciful and humorous, I was very motivated to combine two of Tampa’s gems: the Florida Aquarium (for which the painting was created), and the Florida Orchestra (which is world class). I embarked on a series to help with fundraising for the aquarium, and three were auctioned at an event held in the splendor of the home of an important benefactor. This “Quartet” was purchased by one of my collectors who had given significant financial support to the aquarium. It is now in the great room, where it can be enjoyed at parties, business and social events. The most striking aspect is the shimmer of the iridescent metallic leaf and the effect of light coming down through the water, just as it does in the spectacular large tank in the aquarium. I was also thinking of children visiting this wonderful resource—Matthew and Philip like it just as much as I do!

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