Polyformative Imagery

This is difficult to explain. So I begin with the basic premise that I only create art to “communicate” my inspiration and joy of Love, Mind, and Soul.  And one of the ways that images appeared to communicate to me from earliest recollections were in magazines like “Look Magazine” and movies (which for me included all the early silent films Henry Ford had collected and were shown at the then Henry Ford and Thomas Edison Institute, and the Hollywood productions of the late forties on through Vista Vision, Cinemascope etc. Because the camera is a tool to capture a moment, a second, and preserve that for further use or by itself, it is a part of the way we see things. So my most recent work if focused (no pun) on using what I know and can achieve digitally (no darkroom with all the chemicals and processes) and incorporate into my world of paint and combined media. It started in the garden with the statues and plants, and has expanded into set ups in the garden and the studio. It has to do with light, with objects that are imbued with magical and historical meaning, and space. The camera does not “think,” but the artist does. I use minimal software; the work is all “hands on” in every way. This way I can work with specific recognizable components in a polymedia context. It took me three years to really get this going, and I suppose it will keep expanding with great anticipation and discovery for the rest of my time on this planet!

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