“A Rolls is a Rolls is a Rolls”….here I allude to Gertrude Stein’s “A rose is a rose is a rose.” Following Rembrandt’s disastrous penchant for collecting material for his paintings, I thought I needed real-life Rolls-Royces for the book I had started on the adventures of Montague and Elinore, two 1930’s Phantom III’s. I ended up with two early Silver Spurs, and I still haven’t finished the book. However, the paintings keep coming, some related to the text written thus far…and some are just for fun. I wonder if it could end up like Turner, who created titles which supposedly referenced the epic poem he was always writing. My spurs went to Home Depot and church, but fictitious doubles were owned by a Texas oilman and a New York socialite, who are both art collectors. Visits to a Scottish castle and major art monuments and musical compositions materialized to provide an adventurous ride. I learned to drive when cars still had “hood ornaments,” and I enjoyed following the flying lady on my drives. In the book, it is the flying ladies that give the cars their voices, and tell the stories.

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